At Last … A Fun New Card Game For Kids That Delivers a Lifetime of Confident Math Skills

Dear loving parent,

You want nothing but the best for your child. No doubt you have already made sacrifices for your child. And you would probably move heaven and earth if it was within your power if your child would benefit in some way.

But what if you didn’t have to make a big sacrifice to give your
little one a lifetime of self-esteem, respect and admiration from
his peers, higher wage earnings as an adult and better social skills?

You can do exactly that when you buy the Exact Change money counting card game. 

Consider the following facts …

  • Most students lose 2 to 3 months of math skills each summer. (United States Department of Education)
  • Kids prefer playing to learning
  • Learning how to count and handle money creates confidence and a feeling of self-worth
  • Counting skills lead to better grades in every subject, not just math
  • Your child will never get “taken” when he or she knows how to count and handle money
  • Children with math skills are respected and looked up to by their friends and peers
  • Card games are a fun way to bond with your children

It just makes so much sense to instill basic counting and money handling skills in your children. Because when you think about it, basic math and counting skills are used virtually every day. So the math skills your child learns or doesn’t learn today will impact the rest of his or her life.

When will your child need basic counting and math skills in his or her life? When …

    • Telling time
    • Taking tests
    • Buying anything
    • Figuring tax on a purchase
    • Preparing tax returns
    • Calculating a tip
    • Cooking
    • Making a recipe
    • Measuring
    • Watching sports
    • Estimating distances
    • Planning for retirement
    • Figuring out what their paycheck will be
    • Making a big purchase, like a car or home
    • Choosing between 2 or more options
    • Buying groceries
    • Figuring out cost per pound or ounce

These are just a few of the times your child will use math on a daily basis. You do it all the time yourself. And I’ll bet there are times when you wish you would have been taught better math and counting skills as a child.

The Exact Change game gives your child self-confidence in any money transaction.

This means your child will never again feel frustrated or
embarrassed when making a purchase. That self-confidence
and self-worth lasts a lifetime.

And since kids prefer playing to “learning”, the Exact Change money counting card game improves your child’s social skills. Whether playing with you or their friends, your kids learn how to socialize.

    • Thanks to a recent study from the University of California at Santa Barbara, the combination of math and social skills is very important.
    • That study showed that adults that are good at socializing and math make significantly more money in their life than those who are not.

Yep, learning simple counting skills with the Exact Change money counting game actually translates into more money made as an adult.

What Are Other People Saying?

I am both honored and proud to announce that the Exact Change game has been received the following prestigious industry awards.

    • iParenting Media 2008
    • Creative Child Seal Of Excellence 2007
    • Dr Toy Best Vacation
    • Dr Toy Top 100
    • NPC Seal of Approval

What To Do Now

I know that the Exact Change game can have a huge and positive impact on your child’s entire life. That is why, for a very limited time, you can get as many exact change games as you want for 50% off.

I priced this fun and easy to learn card game at just $9.99 to make sure every parent could afford to give the lifelong gift of counting and math skills. 

And I am taking on the risk of purchase out of your hands and putting it on myself. When you buy the exact change game, you and your child can use it for a full 60 days. At that time, if you are not totally convinced it is making a wonderfully positive influence on your child’s life, return it for a 100% refund.

Why am I discounting the price so steeply and letting you try Exact Change risk-free for 60 days?

Because I know how truly powerful its ability is to boost
your child’s self-esteem and math skills, delivering positive
life benefits while your child simply plays and has fun.

Let’s recap here.

When you buy the exact change money counting card game, you get …

    • A 60 day, money back 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • An award-winning teaching tool disguised as a fun game
    • The pride of watching your child confidently use counting and math skills for the rest of his or her life

And you get all of that for just $9.99 each when you act right away.

So get your Exact Change game today. You have nothing to lose, since your investment in your child’s future is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. And what your child gains from simply enjoying
playing this fun card game is a lifetime of rewards. 

Frank A Crossen
Parent and Grandparent
Creator – Exact Change Money Counting Game

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